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They are used for various types of fencing for security of private or public facilities; All offers in a wide range of designs

Malla electrosoldada plegada, Malla Modular, Reja de Acero

Panel Reyco

Electric welded mesh for perimeter fencing that have been defined to have a design with V-shaped folds along the length and width of each panel that forms it.

Malla Eslabonada, Ciclonica,

Rolled Mesh

Metal mesh formed by the zig-zag interlacing of galvanized steel wires or PVC coated

Malla de Alta Seguridad | Reja Forte | Malla Electrosoldada

High Security Panel Reyco

It has a lattice system designed with very closed openings uniformly distributed throughout the panel, making it impenetrable or scalable.



The gabions consist of a box or basket of rectangular prismatic shape, filled with stone or earth, wicker or wire metal latticework.

Malla Gallinero | Malla Hexagonal



Triple hexagonal hexagonal mesh made with gabion mesh galvanized wires guaranteeing a higher quality and resistance

Malla Expandida

Expanded Metal Mesh

The expanded mesh is manufactured from a metal sheet, from a metal sheet that passes through a process of uniform cutting and stretching that forms rhombuses distributed throughout the sheet.


Malla en acero inoxidable

Las mallas o telas de acero inoxidable son tejidos metálicos de cualquier tipo de acero inoxidable, conformados por alambres entretejidos, llamados urdimbres y tramas.

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